Spring 2022





… To our first newsletter of 2022. Hope you are all well and had a good Christmas despite Covid.

   Easter will soon be upon us.



VIM Members

We have managed to keep in touch with most of our members by phone or personal visits in what has been a very difficult year due to Covid 19.  Several members are uncontactable by phone this may be because you have changed numbers (eg. Mobile) if so please ring Morgan and let him know your new number. We have sent letters to those concerned.





 We had our first successful members meeting last month which included a buffet and was enjoyed by all.

 We will now be holding members meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month at 13.30PM (the first one will be April 11th). These are held at Market Square Church very close to the bus station. All members and escorts are welcome.




We are still actively recruiting volunteers in the Merthyr area and can use your skills wherever they lie. For example befriending either in person or by phone and helping out at meetings which are held once a month at Market Square Church close to the bus station and also helping out with bus trips. If you have time on your hands or know anyone who may help then contact Morgan or Owen (details at the end of this newsletter) for more information.



Talking books

RNIB talking books can now be accessed via amazon Alexa using the app which works on mobile phones and other devices. The app is used to setup “skills” one of which is for RNIB talking books. It also works on the “amazon dot” which is probably the best method of connecting to and accessing talking books.

The amazon dot is good value and version 3 costs just £40 (much cheaper than other methods of accessing talking books). However it does require a wifi connection to the internet.

The dot is a standalone device with built in speaker and microphone, it has many uses and is addressed by its name “Alexa”.

Some examples are:

Alexa what time is it.

Alexa what is the latest weather forecast.

Alexa add Welsh tea to my shopping list.

Alexa tell me a joke.

Alexa set a reminder for …

Alexa play radio 4.

To name but a few.

To use it for talking books you first need to be registered for the RNIB talking book service you can do this on 0303 123 9999 where you can also get information on how to connect the service to Alexa.

You will need an amazon account to which your alexa devices will be registered. There are no costs involved other than the initial purchase of the Dot.






This newsletter is available in 3 formats:

CD – which will play on any CD player and most DVD players (via your TV).

Large Print – an easy to read 22 font print.

Email – best method if you have an email address.

Please let us know if the newsletter you get is not your preferred format.




Contact :

Dr Morgan Evans on 01685 722135

or Owen Jones on 01685 386167









Registered Charity Number 1152567