Newsletter Summer 2022




VIM Members 


We are gradually returning to normal with less isolation, we are still trying to contact some of our members so if you have changed your telephone number recently please let Morgan know on the number at the end of the newsletter.  Our meetings are back to normal on the second Monday of each month at 1400 in Market Square Church, 3 Salmons Street.



Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 12th Sept at Market Square Church we will start at 1330 and a buffet lunch will be provided.

As for normal meetings - all members are welcome.




Volunteers are urgently needed in the Merthyr area and we can use your skills wherever they lie. For example befriending either in person or by phone and helping out at meetings which are held once a month at Market Square Church close to the bus station and also helping out with bus trips. If you have time on your hands or know anyone who may help then contact Morgan or Owen (details at the end of this newsletter) for more information.


Members outing

We are currently planning an outing for members on Wednesday 21st September to the 3 Cocks garden centre. This will include the cost of travel by bus and a set menu lunch. If you would like to come please contact Owen on the number below for more details.


Open Day

We will be holding an open day at Kier Hardy Health Centre on Thursday the 6th Oct from 10.00AM to 15.00PM. Room 24 will be open to demonstrate facilities for the visually impaired and we hope to have a raffle. For more information contact us on the numbers below.




Air Travel

If you are considering flying we have lots of advice on assistance available for the visually impaired including: booking, arrival, luggage handling, boarding and guide dogs. If you require more information please use our contact details below.


Morgans Tips


“Be My Eyes” is a relatively new app that connects blind people with sighted volunteers from around the world via live video chat. A visually impaired person requests assistance through the app with something they need help with, which could be anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk to navigating new surroundings. 


Organise your cash in a wallet with three compartments so that you keep your £5, £10 and £20 notes separately.
If you don’t have a three compartment wallet use a folding technique to differentiate between notes. £5 notes are not folded, £10 notes folded in half and £20 notes folded twice. Organise your cash before you leave the house.












This newsletter is available in 3 formats:

CD – which will play on any CD player and most DVD players (via your TV).

Large Print – an easy to read 22 font print.

Email – best method if you have an email address.

Please let us know if the newsletter you get is not your preferred format.




Contact :

Dr Morgan Evans on 01685 722135 

or Owen Jones on 01685 386167






Registered Charity Number 1152567